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We are a website development company, specializing in creating creative speedy websites with modern SEO practices. Our goal is creating websites that our clients are proud of showcasing. We create websites with CMS and custom development, while also having the ability to create digital content such as email signatures and banners. Feel free to contact us for a free website speed and SEO audit.

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Website Development

HPA specialises in the field where building conservation intersects with large-scale corporate or commercial projects. Many commercial and institutional clients have been swayed to retain their built heritage through the preservation and restoration of existing building fabric. They created their own website design and they required a developer to create their desired website from the ground up. We have taken on the challenge and have delivered a large scale, lightning fast website.

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Website Development

MyLife wants to create a space in which you can – especially as an employee – catch a breath, grow, evolve, gain from others’ experiences and advice and benefit from deals and opportunities they have to offer. MyLife approached us with the need for a website that can accomplish blogging and e-commerce needs, while creating noticable references to the other people they associate with.

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Website Optimization

My Watch specializes in selling watches luxury watches. They approached us with the hopes of increasing their website load time, and improving SEO rankings. In one month, we have taken their page load from a 32 second page load time, to 8.3 seconds.

Website Development

SAVF Huis Silversig is an old age home, situated in Pretoria, South Africa. They were founded in 1980 and takes care of 155 frail elderly people. They approached us in the hopes of having an affordable, barebones website that is quick to load. Currently the website takes 4.9 seconds for a whole page load.

Website Development

Masters of Software Development and Business Intelligence. Modulo offers world class consultation with decades of experience. From Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Customer Relationship Management to Data Protection and Security, Modulo will take care of all your corporate software needs. They required a basic, low cost website to showcase their wide array of skills and services, as well as professional email signatures.

Web Development

Combining the Latin words Artem for art and Virtuális for virtual, we bring the two concepts together to create content that makes you stand out from the rest. Whether it be websites, systems or creative designs, we ensure you that we give you an experience unlike other. Search Engine Optimization and Analytics is no foreign concepts to us, and we use these to make you market what you want, better.




From Websites to Designs

Web Development - Artualis


Websites designed for all devices in mind. We specialize in CMS platforms and custom developed wesbites.

Speed Optimization - Artualis


The speed of your website is our top priority. Whether it be creating a new website, or speeding up an already developed website

Search Engine Optimization - Artualis


Search Engine Optimization is important to increase the visibility and exposure of your website. This our second highest priority, next to the website speed.

Hosting Service - Artualis


Working with Cybersmart, we provide monthly technical support such as backups and updates.

E-Commerce - Artualis


We can create an online platform for you to sell your products and services online, with little effort.

Logo Design - Artualis


A logo isn't just a digital symbol, it is the representation of your company and person. Therefore, it is important that you have one that you can be proud of.

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Your website will get ranked low in Search Engine Rankings if it isn't on par with modern Search Engine Optimization practices, or load time. Reach out to us and we can do a free analysis for you on how you are currently performing. We will gladly discuss how it can be improved and to give you the reach that your hard work deserves.

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